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HEY guys, here's the next installation of my life in brazil. Either enjoy here, go to my blog at, or give me your email and I will send you my beautiful jazzed-up pdf versions :)

God bless,
Liz McMain

Minha Vida No Brasil

THE past two months here in Recife have been both incredible and incredibly difficult.To be totally honest God has really used my pain and frustration and exhaustion to stretch and mold me in ways that I never believed possible.Three months ago the leader of the house left with his wife and daughter, and we really felt the absence of his calming presence with the boys. Another staff got sick and was gone for quite awhile. A short time later we went several weeks without internet and during this involuntary fast God began to recall my heart and mind to Him, His grace, and His calling in my life. He directed me to make some very difficult decisions and in faith and obedience I ended my relationship with someone I loved very much and began to make new plans and new dreams. So here’s the surprise: I’m not coming home in May. I have decided that I like Brazil and I think I will stay.

Leaving that cliffhanger, let’s review what’s happened since my last newsletter. We have had three boys turn 18 since I arrived, and I am so happy to have Arlan, Luciano, and Carlinhos as “volunteers.” Like I mentioned before, we have been very short-staffed and without Marcos living in the house, the boys were much more difficult to keep in line. This next story is a strong example of the spiritual atmosphere of the house right now.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know this: the boys were provoking Beto and he manifested a demon. Or several. When I heard about it from an excited volunteer, I was irritated and concerned. Irritated because I’ve seen someone possessed by a demon before, it’s neither cool nor fun. And concerned because I didn’t know if he or the other boys were hurt or frightened. A friend told me that this may be an opportunity for Beto and the others, that this was a powerful demonstration of the spiritual world we are always telling them about. For me it was proof of what I already knew, these boys must be incredibly special, or satan would not be fighting so hard for them. I can’t tell you exactly how this all has affected Beto or the others, but I can tell you what God has put in my heart: that Beto will come to know Him and healing and it will be worth the fight. I have already seen so much profundity in him, like when he says things like, “Lizzy, the past has died, there is nothing now except the future.”
Living in this house is constant reminder of what the scripture says about using the foolish things to confound the wise :)


I have been working in the Projeito Amar since before sending out my last newsletter and I love it- I love spending the time with the girls and having a creative outlet for myself. I intend to continue working there as long as I am here in Brazil.

I also intend to work with a DTS with a Children at Risk focus in April. Because my visa expires in May, I plan on renewing it and staying in Brail another year- which, as a side note, means that if you live in the Dallas area and want to go on the now bi-annual mission trip to Recife with Geoff and Ilma McMain, you will be seeing me in about 8 months!

While my original plan was to only be in Brazil a year, I really feel that this is where I am meant to be and therefore will stay as long as it is legally and fiscally possible.

As some of you may know, I am coming home in 6 days and am extremely excited for it! This will be a great time to relax with family and friends, but also to try and raise money as my plans for Brazil have changed and therefore my budget along with it.

So I end my newsletter with this: if you have not prayerfully considered either supporting me or the Hope House I really urge you to do so- and it may truly be that financial support is not something God is leading you to give. If so please be in prayer for me as I continue to take these steps in obedience and faith. God bless you guys, you are all wonderful, and it really blesses my heart that I can share God’s work here in Recife with you!

1. First and foremost, the boys. They are deeply in need of God and His restoration
2. My influence and attitude with the boys- always reflecting Christ
3. Working with a DTS in April- that God will use me and continue to help me with my Portuguese.
4. Provision and direction in pretty much every area.

Interested in giving?
Cut this out and mail it along with check to Accounting Department, PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000
*Important note: my name CANNOT be written anywhere on the check
I would like to give once/monthly to the account of Elizabeth McMain
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